CD Tongue & Groove Flooring

CD grade structural tongue and groove plywood is designed for use as a flooring substrate. Certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme, CD T&G is an E0 panel with a stress grade of F11 to span residential joists up to 450mm spacing.

CD T&G flooring is engineered to withstand concentrated loads and is ideal for commercial, industrial or residential installations. This flooring can be treated to specified preservative levels, on request for protection against termites and environmental degradation. With a high strength to stiffness ratio, CD T&G is also suitable for truck floors, suspended floors or mezzanine structures and sporting facilities flooring.


  • Transportable Buildings
  • Suspended Floors
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Residential Flooring
  • Mezzanine Levels
  • Truck Bodies
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Industrial Flooring



Technical Data Sheet – coming soon