Slip Resistant Plywood

Slip Resistant plywood is manufactured using F17 structural grade plywood to AS/NZS 2269:2012. This dual surface plywood features an advanced anti-slip coating that is created using textured paint and crushed glass. This surface is highly wear resistant and achieves a maximum P5(V) classification for slip resistance.

Slip resistant plywood is E0 and manufactured with a Type A phenolic bond to maximise performance in exterior applications. The option is available on request to scarf join panels up to 10 metres in length. Each panel is finished in three fade resistant colours; safety yellow, grey or black.

Slip Resistant plywood


  • Walkways
  • Platforms
  • Yacht Construction
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Ramps
  • Outdoor Floors
  • Boat Hulls
  • Feature Walls


Technical Data Sheet – coming soon