Film-Faced Non-Structural Plywood

Film-faced non-structural plywood is manufactured from plantation radiata pine with a WBP phenolic bond to maximise performance in exterior applications. This plywood is re-usable and suitable for interior and exterior use. Film faced non-structural plywood is also available, on request with an anti-slip finish.

As non-structural plywood is not tested to AS/NZS 2269, it is not suitable for use in load bearing applications. However, cost benefits can be achieved when selecting this plywood grade for non-structural applications such as temporary weather-proofing, formwork and hoardings.

Slip Resistant plywood


  • Formwork
  • Non-load Bearing Projects
  • Shelving
  • Building Site Hoardings
  • Pallets & Crates
  • Temporary Protection


Technical Data Sheet – coming soon