Formply Structural

Structural Formply is an exterior grade ply, engineered to withstand the load of multiple tonnes of concrete prior to curing. Manufactured in Australia to AS/NZS 6669, Evolution’s Formply is E0 and certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme, for quality systems.

Formply offers superior spanning capabilities and is available in 4 stress grades, with an A-bond glue line and a high-density phenolic overlay. Formply is ideal for multiple use fixed form applications and can be treated to specified preservative levels, on request for protection against termites and environmental degradation.


  • Commercial Construction
  • Table Forms
  • External Deck Ceilings
  • Jump Forms
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Shutters
  • Mining Applications
  • Slip Forms



Technical Data Sheet – coming soon
Know Your Formply (EWPAA Factsheet)